Abstracts and Posters



Deadline for the submission of abstracts has passed.

The abstract booklet can be found here.


The lecture slides of the presentations given during the Thermodynamics Workshop are available in the Programme section.


Posters with uneven numbers were presented on Tuesday afternoon, posters with even numbers on Wednesday afternoon.

Impressions of the poster sessions

Poster prize for the best PhD student poster

The poster prize for the best PhD student poster was awarded during the Conference Dinner. The poster prize committee (Ina Koch, Steffen Klamt, Giles Curien and Stefan Schuster) awarded the prize to

Zia Fatma for the poster: " Metabolic modelling for optimizing hydrocarbon yield in E. coli"

Zia is doing her PhD in the Synthetic Biology and Biofuels Group at the International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New-Delhi, India.